I Survived 1,900 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1900 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Tutorials I used for this video:
Moss Farm: ilcycles.info/cd/d5ShZrqlaIGI0Zo/wyd-w.html
Dye Farm: ilcycles.info/cd/arZpdZeohGywm5o/wyd-w.html
Break Bedrock (100% Success Rate): ilcycles.info/cd/hrmQgcfViXlmx3w/wyd-w.html
Shulker Void Machine: ilcycles.info/cd/iZdsf6ulnnqmnaY/wyd-w.html
(I'm pretty sure you can just drop the Shulkers into the void without the TNT though)

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! www.youtube.com/user/Creolesb...

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